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As Long As I'm Flyin'

Browncoats rise again with a new album of music inspired by Joss Whedon's cancelled Sci Fi Western hit series.

As Long As I'm Flyin - Marc Gunn

Even 15 years after the show was released, I find myself as passionate about Joss Whedon's Firefly as ever. I wrote my first Firefly filk in 2007. In 2011, I recorded Firefly Drinking Songs with the Bedlam Bards. It is still one of my most-popular albums. It led to a series of Firefly Drinking Songs shows that I perform at conventions. Now it is the source of my next album to be released in 2018 in the face of major changes in the music industry.

For the past few years, physical CD sales have plummeted. Digital sales are down with the growing popularity of streaming music. For that reason, I decided to have a digital-only release of this album.

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Who is The Celtfather?

My name is Marc Gunn. I am a geek who sings Celtic songs with a twist. 

You'll hear me sing traditional Irish and Scottish songs. But you'll also hear me fuse new and old melodies with science fiction and fantasy, with themes of Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, Doctor Who, dragons, cats and yes, Firefly! 

I put my passion into my music. Then I try to create something that you will love as much as I do. It's Nerd Pub Songs that are easy and fun to sing-along with.

Oh! I'm also a podcaster. I host the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast, Pub Songs Podcast, and The Celtfather Music & Travel.


  1. As Long As I'm Flyin'
  2. Blue Sun
  3. Browncoat Baby
  4. Good to Have Jayne On Your Side
  5. Hero of Canton
  6. Raise a Glass to Flyin'
  7. Reavers Lullaby
  8. Sail the Sky
  9. The Long Arm
  10. Wear the Brown With Pride
  11. There's a Bug in Cabin Six
  12. She Said Saffron
  13. She's Shiny!


"Wear the Brown With Pride" is a heartfelt drinking song for our friends who have passed. It's like an Irish Wake, a celebration of the lives of our Browncoat friends

"Raise a Glass to Flyin'" was probably sung in pubs and in the field as the Browncoats prepared to battle the Alliance. It's a rousing tribute to everyone who loves to fly.

"No matter how far the long arm of the Alliance might get, we'll just get ourselves a little further" - Malcolm Reynolds, "Out of Gas"

The Independents lost. Mal was ready to escape the atrocities of war. "The Long Arm" is the sad reflection of Browncoats who were fighting for what was theirs, the landscape, the arts, their own small homes where they were barely surviving. But despite the fears, there's a tinge of hope. That Browncoats will rise again and face the hate of a government that doesn't have in mind the best interests of its people.

I didn't sing "Hero of Canton" on the first Firefly Drinking Songs album. So I thought you might like a studio version of that hit song from Canton.

"As Long As I'm Flyin'"  is a song dedicated to those who love to fly. I'm sure all of those independents surviving the war saw this song as one of refuge from an oppressive government.


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