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Browncoats and Geek musicians Marc Gunn and Mikey Mason rewatch episodes of Firefly to find themes and inspiration for crafting songs inspired by Joss Whedon's cult classic TV series.

Welcome to In the 'Verse. We love writing songs about Firefly. So we're gonna podcast how we write songs. Browncoats are creative people. So we want you involved in the creative process.

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Jan 23, 2020

Join Mikey Mason and Marc Gunn as we discuss "War Stories" from Firefly. We're going deep with one of the most-emotional episodes of the series. I think I'm gonna cry. Yes, there might be tears...


1:23 - Marc’s Upcoming Shows

2:02 - Mikey’s Upcoming Shows

2:25 - Marc and Mikey News

2:53 - Review Songs from the Last Episode

8:12 - Five-Minute Show Summary

40:53 - This Week’s Songs


MARC: My name is Marc Gunn, the creator of the Firefly Drinking Songs show.

MIKEY: And I’m Mikey Mason, creator of the Beer Powered Time Machine Podcast and currently the MIKEYtalks podcast.

MARC: This is part TEN of our 14 part series. We are rewatching episodes of Firefly. Our goal is to find themes and stories that we can write songs about.

Mikey: The first six episodes were funded by Marc’s fans in his Gunn Runners Club. He hit a milestone which made this show happen.

MARC: There are still more episodes of Firefly, and these last eight episodes were funded by Mikey’s fans helping him hit a Patreon milestone as well. But you can still help us in this creative endeavor by supporting him at

MIKEY: And by supporting Marc at




  • JAN 24: Interstellar Ginger Beer and Exploration Co, Birmingham, AL
  • JAN 25: Maggie McGuinness Pub, Huntsville, AL, US
  • MAR 20-22: Cleveland ConCoction 2020, Aurora, OH, US
  • MAY 14-17: California Autoharp Gathering, Dunlap, CA
  • WEDS: Coffee with The Celtfather at 10:30 am EST on Facebook in January


  • Jan 17-18 - Marscon in Williamsburg, VA
  • And, online shows every month (don’t have dates currently nailed down for December or January yet, so… Check my schedule at




  • Marc: Keel Haul Y’all
  • Mikey: Don’t Tell ‘Em What I Did



Episode 10: War Stories - Written by Cheryl Cain

Plot synopsis:

Marc - Onboard Serenity, the crew bonds in many ways. Shepherd Book and Simon discuss the writings of a sadistic warrior poet, River and Kaylee chase each other through the ship, we learn that Jayne has purchased a crate of apples for the crew, which is uncharacteristically generous of him, and Mal and Inara have a terse discussion about a client of hers, a politician looking for discretion and privacy, and is coming aboard while they are on a planet selling some of their stolen medical goods.

Mikey - Elsewhere, crime lord Adelei Niska is having another betrayer tortured, also alluding to Xiang Yu. An underling interrupts him to announce a nearby Firefly-class ship that might belong to Malcolm Reynolds. Wash learns that Mal rejected his plan to sell their stolen medical goods directly to doctors, rather than through middlemen, and they argue. Meanwhile, Book, Kaylee and Jayne get a glimpse of  Inara's arriving client, who turns out to be a woman, against the crew's expectations. Jayne utters the famous phrase, “I’ll be in my bunk.”

Marc - Mal and Zoe learn that Wash changed the launch sequence on the shuttle so he could go with Mal while they make the drop. The tension between Wash and Zoe is obvious, and Mal eventually allows Wash to accompany him to make the exchange.

Mikey - While Inara pampers her client, Wash, Mal, and their buyers are ambushed by Niska’s men. The buyers are all killed, Mal and Wash taken. Later, when Mal and Wash are late getting back, Zoe, Book, and Jayne head out to investigate, finding the bodies of the buyers and the merchandise left abandoned, with evidence pointing to an abduction by Niska.

Marc - Mal and Wash are tortured by Niska as Zoe launches a plan to take the money they earned from their last heist to try and pay Niska off. This ploy doesn’t completely work, but Niska lets her leave with Wash and part of Mal’s ear. After Zoe and Wash reach the shuttle, Wash is resolved to rescue Mal.

Mikey - The entire crew joins in on the attack, and eventually saves Mal, killing many of Niska’s men, but leaving Niska still alive. Simon reattaches Mal’s ear, and things go on, almost as usual, aboard Serenity.



Marc: I am ever so grateful for the kindness and generosity of Gunn Runners over on Patreon. Thanks to my Glorious Patrons: Carol Baril, Les Howard, Cary Whitney, Angela Hughes, Lilith Marek, Troy Rodgers, William McKissack, James Regan, Alexis, Marie Alm

Mikey: The generosity of my Patreon supporters is amazing, and helps keep the music being made. Thank you to all of you, especially Robin Abess, Brian Jackey, John R Woolard, Les Howard, Jeremy Jackson and Jennifer Lewis.



Marc: Thanks so much for listening. You can download these demo songs when you sign up on our Patreon pages. Find out more about Marc Gunn and Mikey Mason and how to support our music on Patreon.

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